Iranian Committee on the Standardization of Geographical Names(ICSGN) has been
established since 2000 based on the cabinet approval. The aim of its formation
was that to organize along with standardized the native geographical
names. It has been included nine ministries and organizations under
the responsibility of National Cartography Organization.


One of the assigned tasks from cabinet to this committee is to collect data related
to geographical names with their precise and documented inscription for
preventing any divergence. In this regard, the committee attempts to
form website working group and geographical names database to save and
register all its data.


National Cartographic Center of Iran
-  The principal organization in policy making, technical and executive
  -  supervision in geospatial and geographical information aspects.
  -  Pioneer in science and innovative productions at national and regional levels.
  -  Self-sufficient center in Geomatics industry.
  -  Leader in exporting technical and engineering services.

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